About SO Funny Sligo Comedy Festival

So, Brendan here.

For anyone interested, why did I do this?

It’s been a dream of mine for years. Between working in venues that held Comedy events and working with festivals in town, I always wanted to run a stand alone Comedy Festival. My aim is to hopefully build a festival that will attract people in to town from far and wide and have a festival where people will walk around the town and feel that festival vibe.

We have 3 headliners and there will be early evening Café gigs and a Kids Comedy Magic show on Saturday afternoon. I could have applied for funding/grants but I want to test to see the desire for such a festival first, then build from there if it works.

So, the most help I need from people is sharing the events, be it online on Social Media, chatting to work colleagues, family or friends. So, arrange a Work Night Out, a Family Evening out or come on your own for a laugh.

Any questions: sofunnysligo@gmail.com

Thank you,

Brendan Tierney
Festival Founder